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Jul 29


Jul 25

Monsterbox from Bellecour 3D & Entertainment on Vimeo.

Film de fin de Bachelor Infographie 3D 2012 de Bellecour Ecoles, Art Design & Entertainment ( Réalisé par Ludovic Gavillet, Derya Kocaurlu, Lucas Hudson et Colin Jean-Saunier.
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End of studies short film from Bellecour Schools, Art Design & entertainment (2012) ( Directed by Ludovic Gavillet, Derya Kocaurlu, Lucas Hudson and Colin Jean-Saunier.
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Ludo Gavillet

Derya Kocaurlu

Lucas Hudson

Colin Jean-Saunier


Erwann Chandon


Alexandre Perrier

Ludo Gavillet
Idée originale/original idea, scénario, character design, colorscript, storyboard, layout, texturing, animation, matte painting

Lucas Hudson
Scénario, modeling, set dressing, texturing, environment animation, lighting, compositing

Colin Jean-Saunier
Scénario, background design, modeling, texturing, layout, animation, FX

Derya Kocaurlu
Scénario, background design, modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, compositing

noir: a love story: a launch story

noir: a love story: a launch story

So Noir: A Love Story is finally released!

I hope you go out and buy it.

noir cover

If you buy it this weekend, I’ll send you a free copy of Girl with Ears & Demon with Limp!


So go love your life and buy my book and maybe fall in love.

See you later, gator.

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Jul 23

on apocalyptic living

This Dead and Dying World was published at the Atticus Review and it got me thinking about the apocalypse, and apocalyptic fiction in general. And then today, my essay On Dust was published at Entropy and it got me thinking about mortality.

But probably I’m always thinking about these things.

Lately especially. I’ve been thinking about how the world doesn’t need us, and the last novel I wrote,…

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Jul 22

on autobiography

I was reading about Karl Ove Knausgard last night [I emphasise reading about, not actually reading his books], and it reminds me how strange I always find that sort of writing, the deeply and intensely personal reflection on the life you actually lived or are continuing to live. And it’d be one thing if it were a couple hundred or even a handful of hundreds, but to go on and on about your life…

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Jul 19
Found a weird beer and Civilization V with Chelsea.

Found a weird beer and Civilization V with Chelsea.



There is much blood on the hands of Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Obama and Hamas.—
Cornel West (@CornelWest) July 19, 2014

We all are complacent with this bloodshed if we do not raise our voices to condemn all crimes and all forms of terrorism.—
Cornel West (@CornelWest) July 19, 2014

Let us not be deceived – the Israeli massacre of innocent Palestinians, especially the precious children,…

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Jul 18


I asked the internet and now I have awesome soup! Thanks, Alecia!

I asked the internet and now I have awesome soup! Thanks, Alecia!

amazon or big publishing?

amazon or big publishing?

Starting this with a video so you at least have some entertainment before I talk about something most of you don’t care about. Or at least you don’t care what I think about this, and I probably have unpopular views about this. So, yeah, here’s some strange popculture phenomenon.

This debate keeps coming up and I mostly think it’s…

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Jul 17

DOCTOR, LAWYER, INDIAN CHIEF (a film by Pablo D’Stair) from Pablo D’Stair on Vimeo.

(60 mins, Black & White)

The lives of seven people are upended by coincidence, deceit, and paranoid assumption in this claustrophobic noir from writer/director Pablo D’Stair.

Featuring music by Bellflur and The Sad Little Stars.

For further information, visit the film’s site at:

A PUBLIC RANSOM: a film by Pablo D’Stair from Pablo D’Stair on Vimeo.

(100 mins, black and white)

Steven (Carlyle Edwards) is a self-serving, amoral author of very mediocre talent. When he stumbles across a crayon-scribbled “missing child” poster with a scrawled telephone number and the words “HLEPP ME?” written on it, he figures it to be harmless–and deciding to base a story around it, he calls the number. This leads to an encounter with Bryant (Goodloe Byron) who flatly claims to have actually kidnapped a girl, stating she will be released only if Steven pays a mere $2000 ransom within two weeks. Steven initially dismisses Bryant as a morbid prankster—until Bryant begins a relationship with his only friend, Rene (Helen Bonaparte) and starts popping up in his life in apparently coincidental, yet increasingly invasive and unsettling ways.

Visually inspired by the early films of Bresson, Fassbinder, and Jarmusch, A PUBLIC RANSOM is a slow burn character-study cum psychological-thriller in the spirit of the works of Patricia Highsmith.

(Featuring the music of The Detroit Cobras, Bellflur, Hundred-Hundred, and Goodloe Byron)

Jul 15
Books from today’s giveaway going in the mail. #noiralovestory

Books from today’s giveaway going in the mail. #noiralovestory

some things go noirish in the daylight

some things go noirish in the daylight

Every day this week I’ll be running a little giveaway at 1pm CST. I’m giving away Ash CinemaTwilight of the Wolves, and Noir: A Love Story.

Today I asked people to give me a reason why they needed to have my books, and I gave the winner all three.

So check in to my facebook page at 1pm every day to see what’s happening.

Noir: A Love Storycomes out in just ten days and I’ll try to make…

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Jul 11

Premier Automne from Carlos De Carvalho on Vimeo.

Abel lives in the winter and Apolline lives in the summer. Isolated in their “natures”, they never met each other. They are not even supposed to meet. So when Abel crosses the border and discovers Apolline, curiosity is overwhelming. Their encounter soon becomes more complicated than they could imagine. Both of them will have to learn compromise to protect the other…

Credits ——————————————————————————-

Direction :
Carlos De Carvalho & Aude Danset

Technical direction :
Pierric Danjou
Guillaume Polveche
Thomas Renault

Modeling :
Jeremy Theng

Nicolas Guazzagaloppa

Animation :
Thomas Lecourt
Frédéric Trouillot
Raphaël Cenzi
Aurélien Peis
Guillaume Poitel
Loïc Curien
Elodie Dos Santos
Pierre Tarsiguel
Julien Tisseau

Music :
Frédéric Boulard

Sound engineer :
Christian Cartier

Foley artist:
Xavier Drouault

Production :
Je Regarde, Melting Prod, InEfecto - 2013

Making Of :

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